Ian McFadden

I started playing guitar about 45 years ago. I already had been singing for some time in the choir at church. After seeing the Beatles “Help!”, I was hooked on the playing guitar and singing thing.

Later on I was heavily influenced by Jackson Browne, and other singer-songwriters. I began writing my own music, and then suddenly I was 29, starting a family and working full time. But because I had a great job, I was able to retire relatively young with the determination to play as much music as I can.

Francie Meng

I believe music has the ability to touch one’s heart and soul in a way nothing else can. I was blessed to have been born into a family of gifted musicians and vocalists, and over years of continual exposure at family get-togethers and various performance venues, my own abilities have been honed. I am now honored and excited to join with Tatiamo in this next venture and look forward to meeting you at a show soon – bring your heart and soul!

Cody Meng

Cody started playing guitar at age 11 and started a band, Axis Salvation – now called Plushie. His love of classic and psychedelic rock fits in perfectly with Tatiamo’s eclectic mix of covers from the 60’s to the 90’s, and some current. He brings youthful energy and fresh persepective joining Tatiamo as our bassist and vocalist with smooth harmonies and stellar leads.

Matt Symonds

I started young with homemade drums until my parents got me a kit at 13. School band and my first rock band soon followed. A few of the bands I have played with through the years are, Baby So High, Llama Latte, Odd Comet, Fuzz, Maca Rey, Beau Teak, and Nighthawk.

I have a recklessly eclectic taste in music, so the range of styles in Tatiamo presents challenges and rewards that make playing fun and exciting.