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I started playing guitar about 45 years ago. I already had been singing for some time in the choir at church. After seeing the Beatles “Help!”, I was hooked on the playing guitar and singing thing.

Later on I was heavily influenced by Jackson Browne, and other singer-songwriters. I began writing my own music, and then suddenly I was 29, starting a family and working full time. I managed to keep music in my life, but not as  much as I wanted. But because I had a great job, I was able to retire relatively young with the determination to play as much music as I can.

And so I am. After playing in a multitude of cover bands, I (and the rest of the group) can now write music and bring it to the band even before it’s completely finished. It’s probably the most creative group I’ve been in since I was a very young lad.

Stephen Caird

Classically trained as kid, I branched out in all directions as an adult and now have very broad tastes in music (jazz is my center of gravity) and a lot of experience playing various genres and instruments.

As a musician, I camp out at the low end of the audio spectrum, playing bass by preference, because I like being part of the engine that makes a band go. But I can play most instruments with strings, plus keyboards. I also play drums as a strictly educational activity—helps me communicate with drummers—but you don't want me holding down the percussion on stage.

And I sing, in a Neil-Youngish sort of way that's usually more useful for harmonies than leads. Other hats worn: songwriter, composer, arranger, recording engineer, producer.

Thanks, Mom! Those piano lessons gave me a lifetime of momentum in a direction that feels good but will never put gas in the car.



I have been playing drums and percussion in bands in Oregon since 1984. The acoustic side of American music, including genres described as Americana, Newgrass,Country, Folk-Rock, and Jazz are what I like the most. I have played with Oregon-based bands Due Northwest, Sideroads, DreamDog, Big Mountain Country, and now Tatiamo.

I believe music has the ability to touch one's heart and soul in a way nothing else can. I was blessed to have been born into a family of gifted musicians and vocalists, and over the years of continual exposure at family get-togethers and various performance venues, my own abilities have been honed. I am now honored and excited to join with Tatiamo in this next venture and look forward to meeting you at a show soon - bring your heart and soul!



Bobby Selover

I started playing at an early age in the Bay Area. At age 16, I moved to the Northwest where I studied music at LCC and UofO,  playeing around the Willamette Valley teaching music. In 1981 I moved back to the Bay Area,  playing clubs and working in a music store. It was there that I picked up the bass, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel and what ever else I could get my hands on.


In 1985 I toured Australia and New Zealand with RCA recording Artist Ivy Somerfield. I also worked with other bands, including a stint on the TSS Fairstar, cruising the South Pacific.


I got married in 1988. moving to San Diego where I did some session work and played clubs. I'm now living in Dorena, Oregon on a small farm, recording music and fishing.