All about the band. This is who we are and what we love —




I started playing guitar about 45 years ago. I already had been singing for some time in the choir at church. After seeing the Beatles “Help!”, I was hooked on the playing guitar and singing thing.

Later on I was heavily influenced by Jackson Browne, and other singer-songwriters. I began writing my own music, and then suddenly I was 29, starting a family and working full time. But because I had a great job, I was able to retire relatively young with the determination to play as much music as I can.


Stephen Caird

Classically trained as kid, I branched out in all directions as an adult and now have very broad tastes in music (jazz is my center of gravity) and a lot of experience playing various genres and instruments.

As a musician, I camp out at the low end of the audio spectrum, playing bass by preference, because I like being part of the engine that makes a band go. But I can play most instruments with strings, plus keyboards. I also play drums as a strictly educational activity—helps me communicate with drummers—but you don't want me holding down the percussion on stage.

And I sing, in a Neil-Youngish sort of way that's usually more useful for harmonies than leads. Other hats worn: songwriter, composer, arranger, recording engineer, producer.

Thanks, Mom! Those piano lessons gave me a lifetime of momentum in a direction that feels good but will never put gas in the car.



I believe music has the ability to touch one's heart and soul in a way nothing else can. I was blessed to have been born into a family of gifted musicians and vocalists, and over years of continual exposure at family get-togethers and various performance venues, my own abilities have been honed. I am now honored and excited to join with Tatiamo in this next venture and look forward to meeting you at a show soon - bring your heart and soul!



I’ve been singing since I was three years old. My goal is always to lift other's hearts through music because I feel it helps us to remember who we are. I can change my vocal flavor to match the music I sing. Patsy Cline was my main influence growing up, but I have been known to sing just about anything.



Matt Symonds



I started young with homemade drums until my parents got me a kit at 13. School band and my first rock band soon followed. A few of the bands I have played with through the years are, Baby So High, Llama Latte, Odd Comet, Fuzz, Maca Rey, Beau Teak, and Nighthawk.


I have a recklessly eclectic taste in music, so the range of styles in Tatiamo presents challenges and rewards that make playing fun and exciting.